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The pronation in a tennis serve is the key move that produces a lot of power if you time it right and do it right. Yet, learning how to pronate is often times a very challenging task. The following 7 drills and additional tips will help you develop a proper pronation and improve your overall tennis serve technique.

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The racket then starts to open up towards the ball, this is the start of prontion. Once we have hit the ball, we want the racket to then continue turning outwards towards the right side of the court (assuming we are right handed). This is full pronation on a tennis serve.

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Pronation is the internal rotation of the forearm and shoulder during a technically sound service motion. It is a natural result of a relaxed, correct throwing motion, and allows the racket ...

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https://www.top-tennis-training.com/serve-revolution-youtube/How To Pronate on Your Tennis Serve - Tennis Serve Pronation. The tennis serve can be very hard ...

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May 15. 60. In order to hit fast tennis serves, the hitting arm must move in the optimal biomechanical way. That’s how the muscles inside the body and eventually in the arm will produce the most force with the least amount of effort. In order to achieve that, the edge of the racquet and therefore the edge of the hand must approach the ball for as long as possible until the pronation takes place.

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The so-called pronation movement in a tennis serve is an unusual movement of the forearm that is quite difficult to understand if you can’t execute it well. Trying to figure out pronation and compare it in flat, topspin or slice serves can be really confusing.

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