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A hybrid string setup is the use of two different strings in the mains and cross strings of a tennis racquet. This can be as simple as using two different gauges of the same string but is more commonly done with two completely different string materials. For example, natural gut with a polyester.

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As for the inquiry, there is no such a rule as the main string should be “5%” tighter than the cross. It should be OK if the original frame shape of the racquet is precisely maintained when it’s strung. The racquet may get broken if the original shape is heavily deformed due to any of the stringing tensions(main/cross), so please be careful.

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If you ended with the string under the main for the first cross, that means you will start with an over for the second. Basically, if you started with an over for the first cross, you will continue with an over for each new cross until you have finished.

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So you just picked up a tennis racket. Have any idea what main skips are? How about cross weaving? These are two things you'll need to know if you decide to restring your tennis racket. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to tell when to skip by counting the grommets. This tutorial also covers cross weaving.

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With a string length of 12 m (the usual length of strings sold individually), you are sure to cover all screen sizes (6.5 m for the uprights and 5.5 m for the crosspieces). The “ad-hoc” length is generally much less than 12 m; it varies according to the size of the racquet and the number of uprights and crosspieces.

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The first hybrid appearing with regularity on the Pro Tours was in the early 1990s — a Kevlar main string paired with either a nylon synthetic gut or natural gut cross string. Andre Agassi used a hybrid of Ashaway Kevlar and Babolat VS for most of his career. According to Steve Crandall of Ashaway, today most hybrids take that same form.