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Common Tennis Injury Prevention and Treatment

Examples of trauma-based tennis injuries include: Torn rotator cuff : This tear in the shoulder is common in tennis and can range from mild to severe. Shoulder separation: This injury is actually a stretching or tearing of the ligaments between the collarbone and shoulder blade. Achilles tendon rupture: This tear happens when the Achilles tendon is stretched too far.

5 Common Tennis Injuries and How We Treat Them

Sometimes called jumper’s knee, patellar tendonitis can affect tennis players. While jumping and landing repetitively, it’s common for tennis players to place immense stress on the knee. Landing on especially rough surfaces (such as cement) and taking your activity to the extreme can contribute to this injury.

Common Tennis Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Tennis involves side-to-side movements and quick changes of direction, and spraining the outer ligaments of the ankle by rolling onto the lateral side of the foot is common. To avoid this, make sure you are wearing sneakers specifically designed for tennis, with substantial, firm support on the outer edge of the shoe.

The Top Ten Tennis Injuries

The most common and most serious tennis-related cumulative, chronic or “overuse” injuries are: Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow. Rotator Cuff Tendinopathies. Patellar Tendinopathies. Achilles Tendinopathies. Stress Fractures. Followed by the Top 5 Acute Trauma Tennis Injuries: Top Five Acute Tennis Injuries:

3 Most Common Tennis Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Like many sports, playing tennis can lead to injuries. Many of these are caused by overuse, not enough muscle strength, training too fast, and sudden movements. Learn the most common tennis ...

5 Common Tennis Injuries and 4 Ways to Prevent Them - Michael ...

Common Tennis Injuries. 1. Tennis Elbow. Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, refers to the inflammation of the tendons joining the forearm muscles to the outside of the elbow. This condition is similar to golfer’s elbow, but it occurs on the outside of the elbow rather than the inside. Tennis elbow is often the result of overuse, and while it can occur in non-athletes, it is common among athletes who play tennis and other racquet sports.

Tennis Injuries - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Tennis injuries are often in the upper body, especially due to the forces required to hit the ball over and over again, especially on shots like serves and smashes! Rotator cuff injuries are common, as are wrist and elbow injuries. But don’t forget that injuries may also happen in the lower body.