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Soccer Equipment List: 17 Items Every Child Must Have

Here are the 17 soccer items every child must have: 1. Soccer Cleats. . When it comes to playing in a team and competing in regulation matches, most leagues specify that players MUST wear soccer cleats.

What Basic Gear Is Needed for Soccer? | SportsRec

The basic gear needed for soccer helps to both enhance play and protect a person from injuries. Shirt and Shorts Soccer shirts can be long sleeved or short sleeved.

The 6 Pieces of Equipment You Need for Soccer – Your Soccer Home

Let’s have a look at what the items needed are. The 6 pieces of equipment you need to play soccer are: A Soccer Jersey; Shorts; Long Socks; Shin Guards; Footwear; A Soccer ball; The first 5 items on this list are required by Law 4 in the FIFA Rules of the Game. (FIFA are the governing body for soccer).

Soccer Gear and Equipment - Basics Required to Play

When buying soccer cleats, make sure they fit correctly - snug, but not tight, and choose the style that best suite the weather conditions and physical terrain in which you'll be playing. Shin Guards. Although not required equipment, especially for informal neighborhood play, shin guards are a great way to protect player's legs from injury.

What is the basic equipment needed for soccer? – AnswersToAll

The 6 Pieces of Equipment You Need for Soccer. A Soccer Jersey. Shorts. Long Socks. Shin Guards. Footwear. A Soccer ball. What are the three pieces of equipment for soccer? There are only three basic pieces of equipment you need to get started on your soccer journey: cleats, guards, and a ball. That being said, it is VERY important that you buy the proper equipment, with the proper fit and style.

Soccer Equipment List - Discover All Essential Soccer Gear ...

Every athlete’s need some essential soccer equipment to play soccer comfortably and safely. Like other sports, you don’t need a lot of equipment for playing soccer. When you go to buy soccer equipment, you have to consider lightweight and good quality because soccer is a play of 90 minutes.