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There are four quarters of 15 minutes each in both indoor and youth soccer games. This allows for short periods of play between times of rest. Professional soccer games do not have quarters. Professional games are divided into two halves of 45 minutes each.

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Instead of breaking the game down into quarters, soccer actually only has two halves instead. With the game lasting 90 minutes as a whole, a soccer match is split into two halves of 45 minutes each. At the end of the first 45 minutes, the referee can then add on some stoppage time, according to the incidents which happened during the first half.

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4 -12′ quarters: NONE #3: 23-24 in. 11-12 ozs. No more than 5, 4 strongly recommended: Under-6: 4 – 6′ quarters: NONE #3: 23-24 in. 11-12 ozs. No more than 4, 3 strongly recommended

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A soccer game has two halves, not quarters. Each half in a regulation soccer game lasts 45 minutes. Some soccer organizations vary the time per half depending on the age and skill of the players. Referees have the option of adding more time at the end of a half to make up for time used during player substitutions and other time-consuming activities between plays.

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Each soccer league may have different times. Youth leagues will generally have shorter periods. High school matches are generally two 40 minute periods or four 20 minute periods. Youth soccer games are often two 20 minute periods or four 10 minute periods. Additional Time

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For youth younger than 6 years old, the AYSO recommends two 10-minute halves with a five- to 10-minute break between. US Youth Soccer uses quarter periods for youth younger than 6 and recommends four six-minute quarters. If the game is tied, no overtime is required. Both organizations allow a small-sided game, with a smaller field and fewer players.

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Quarters 10 minutes, when mutually agreed by both coaches Note 1: All teams will have 3 minutes mandatory warm-up at the end of the scheduled half time. Note 2: By mutual agreement coaches may reduce the half time to a minimum of 10 minutes.

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