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What is a Rebound in Basketball? (Quick Explanation + Tips)

A rebound, quite simply, is when a player retrieves the basketball directly after a missed shot. Any player on the court can be awarded a rebound, no matter the team for which they play. If a player on offense grabs the ball after a missed shot, then it is an offensive rebound .

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A rebound in basketball is the result of a missed shot attempt by the offensive team in which a player attempting a shot at the basket has hit the rim, backboard, or a combination of the two. The basketball travels away from the basket to one of the teams on offense or defensive jockey for position to recover the basketball in order to gain possession of the basketball to try and attempt to score.

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A rebound is different from an assist in that it is specifically awarded to a player who retrieves the ball after a missed field goal or free throw, not one who causes the ball to be stolen by a teammate who then shoots successfully. Rebounds are credited to a specific player and can be offensive or defensive.

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He is the one who bounces the ball back and hits the basket hoop. In this regard, it is important to mention that rebounding could be a skill and it takes time to practice. Other than that, a rebound is more to do with the desire or will to get the ball and throw it in the hoop.

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Basketball Rebounds. A rebound is when a shot does not go in the net and bounces off the rim or backboard, into the hands of a player below. Both offensive and defensive players can rebound the ball and decide what to do next based on the situation they are in.

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In basketball, a rebound, sometimes colloquially referred to as a board, is a statistic awarded to a player who retrieves the ball after a missed field goal or free throw. Rebounds in basketball are a routine part in the game; most possessions change after a shot is successfully made, or the rebound allows the defensive team to take possession.

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In basketball, rebounding is an essential skill that all players should learn. The definition of a rebound is “gaining clear possession of the ball after a missed field goal or free throw attempt. In addition to that, a rebound is also credited to a player that tips the ball into the basket after a missed shot attempt.”.

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Basketball Rebounding is one of the most vital aspects in the game. Sadly, this is also one of the most overlooked aspects during practice time. Rebounding is taken for granted by most players. They think they will grab the ball only if it comes their way.

Basketball Rebounding is a Matter of Attitude

Basketball Rebounding is a Matter of Attitude. Score more points with basketball rebounding tips guaranteed to help your players pull down more of those missed shots. Would you believe 60-70% of basketball shots taken in a game are missed? That's a lot of potential rebounds!